What We Can Do For You

  • Identify, verify and set up agreements with high quality influencers for your brand

  • Negotiate, maintain and manage all of your influencer partnerships

  • We do one-off influencer campaigns. For example, a product launch. As well as support longer term or always-on influencer programs.

  • Develop and maintain a micro-influencer program for you, all in one flat monthly rate

  • Employ a digital amplification strategy to drive highly targeted influencer sponsored posts

  • Work within your existing marketing program and collaborate with your current marketing team



Influencer Programs

We will build you a program tailored to your specific goals. After assessing your branding and marketing needs, we’ll create a unique strategy designed to get you the best results.



We take your best influencer content and scale it with paid media. The best performing influencer creative can continue to produce for you. Get the most out of your partnerships with paid media, branded content on Instagram and Facebook.


Influencer Sourcing and contracting

We will develop a creative brief for you, source a pool of high performing influencers, engage in influencer outreach, complete an influencer compensation analysis and execute influencer/ brand partnership agreements


Influencer Creative content

Influencers are successful in large part due to their creativity. If you need content for your social or other marketing initiatives, Influencers offer an effective and budget-friendly way to get what you need.   



Analytics are critical when implementing an influencer campaign. The information we collect with help improve results and fine tune strategy. Every client is presented with a breakdown of key metrics after the campaign is complete. We will work with your team to determine which are most important for you.


Marketing Agency and team Partnerships

We will collaborate with your current marketing agency by adding a highly coordinated influencer component to maximize and support all marketing initiatives

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