- How do you find influencers who will be right for my brand +

We use our proprietary 10 step influencer selection and validation process. We leverage our deep industry relationships to find proven influencer talent. We use the latest technology as well as our expertise to determine candidates historic performance, predict future collaboration results and, very importantly, ensure their audience is authentic.

- Do you do one-off influencer campaigns? For example, a product launch. As well as support longer-term or always-on influencer programs. +

Yes, our services are designed to fit the needs of our client. Whether you choose the long game or just need short term influencer project support, that works in tandem with a timed marketing effort.

- Can you simply help us find and execute agreements with a defined number of influencers and then allow us to manage the relationships ourselves? +

Yes, we have several layers of support, from sourcing and contracting through complete program management, including strategy, content quality review, content delivery, data analysis, and influencers payments.

- What kind of influencers do you usually work with? +

We work with all tiers of influencers from micro right through macro and celebrity. The type is defined by the brand strategy, goals, and budget. All recommended partnerships must meet our strict performance thresholds.

- How is influencer compensation determined and delivered? +

We have established benchmarks that allow us to negotiate fair compensation for influencer partnerships. We ensure brands do not overpay for the negotiated work. We integrate the market value of the product or service to offset monetary compensation. We manage payments to influencers and file required tax documentation.

- Will you help manage our current influencer partnerships as well as help up build new relationships? +

We will provide you with a performance analysis of all your existing partnerships, including compensation review, and make recommendations on how to proceed.

- Do you provide us with influencer agreements to minimize risk associated with influencer partnerships? +

Yes, we have a robust agreement and contracting process to ensure your brand is protected from unanticipated situations.

- We are already contracted with a PR and/ or digital marketing agency. Will you collaborate with them on our existing initiatives? +

Yes, we think it’s very important that all stakeholders work together on achieving the stated goals. We offer specialized expertise that many PR and digital agencies do not maintain.

- We don’t have a six-figure budget but want to start incorporating influencer marketing into our strategy, do you have reasonably priced options for brands like us? +

We feel your pain and can offer some relief. We can provide you with lower-priced self-service programs. Our team is available to provide support and guidance as you build out and manage your program or campaign.

- Do you offer product fulfillment to the influencers? +

We can provide fulfillment services for brands that do not have a process for delivering product.