How Your Brand Can Benefit From Influencer Marketing

Can you remember the last time you went a full commercial break without grabbing your smartphone? With so many new channels of entertainment it’s becoming harder to reach targeted audiences. Traditional advertising practices are become less successful. You could change your content, but truly you need to change your approach. Connecting with an influencer puts your brand right into your audience’s newsfeed. It has a more direct reach, and is less likely to be tuned out.

A social influencer can build credibility for your brand. Influencers have already established a relationship with their followers. Using this to your advantage allows your brand to not only reach your audience, but to reach an engaged audience. It’s important to capitalize on the influencer’s unique voice. This gives your brand “fringe authenticity” from the influencer’s audience.

Encouraging influencers to use their voice can help generate more original content for your brand. Consider negotiating rights to any video content. Plenty of influencers talent rivals professional videographers, any produced videos can add to your content and could come in handy. Influencer content is also likely to inspire new original content for your brand and future campaigns, all of which can help grow your reach!

Influencer campaigns have a much higher ROI than traditional campaigns. On average for every $1 spent on influencer marketing $6.85 is earned in media value. Influencers are outperforming traditional media outlets by a long shot. A successful campaign can lead to a long lasting relationship with an influencer, making campaign execution that much easier. 

Experimenting with new types of social marketing can get your brand to a whole new audience. It doesn’t need to take a ton of time either. Working with an agency like Faam can expand your brand awareness and reach. We’ll help you achieve your goals, it all starts with a phone call.